(Incredibly) lazy woman’s vegetable “paella”

Calling this a paella, even with the quotations, is probably a cardinal culinary sin. In my defense, however, the dish was inspired by the ingredient list for Ottolenghi’s vegetable paella in Jerusalem. I didn’t feel like launching into official paella-dom, though, so I just compiled the ingredients I had on hand and called it a… Read More (Incredibly) lazy woman’s vegetable “paella”

Good luck greens and beans for the new year

Thanks to my dear friend’s spectacular idea, our new year’s eve dinner consisted of vegetarian foods that are considered good luck in various culinary traditions. She produced the lentil soup, and I, the greens. (lLater, there were grapes). Evidently, both lentils and greens represent financial wellness for the new year. We’re both in graduate school, and we’re… Read More Good luck greens and beans for the new year