About this blog

(That’s veg-aquarian, with a soft “g”).


This blog, while perhaps new to you, has existed in my head for some time. It has taken on several imaginary identities over the years, and I’m excited that one of them has finally broken free and become a reality. My plan is to write about and post photos of what I’m cooking on a regular basis. I’m not an expert, and certainly not a chef. I’m a self-taught home cook who strives to create easy, healthy, mostly vegetarian food. So I hope you’ll see me as a peer, and approach my blog as a resource for everyday cooking. Also, I’ve included information on food-related issues in some of my posts.

That’s me, agonizing over the astonishing array of nuts at the public market in Barcelona.

What am I cooking?

As my friends know, my diet is almost exclusively vegetarian. I eat fish occasionally, and meat maybe twice a year, if an irresistible opportunity presents itself. My friend Erica, whose foray into veganism early in college significantly shaped my own ideas about food (which will be expounded upon in time) nicknamed the way we eat “Mermaid” and “Vegaquarian.” That is, mostly vegetarian, with some fish. I don’t prepare much seafood at home (I go out for sushi on occasion), so what you’ll find here is mostly vegetables and grains. So cheers to Erica for being the inspiration for my blog title!

Don’t worry– I typically cook for two very hungry, active people, so my food is filling and produced in prodigious quantities. (We like leftovers). So anyone who is skeptical about the power of vegetarian food to satiate shouldn’t worry.

About me

I guess I should introduce myself! I’m Jocelyn– well–Joc to most everyone I know. When I started this blog in August 2012, I was living in St. Louis, my hometown, after having lived in Baltimore for four years (college at Johns Hopkins). While at Hopkins, I started cooking. As I mentioned, part of the impetus was Erica’s influence. Another part was my need for a creative outlet. Pre-college, I played the cello pretty seriously, took art and photo classes at school, and generally lived a pretty creative, artistic life. When I started college, I didn’t consider my need for art, because it had always been a part of me and I suppose I took it for granted. By sophomore year, I knew I needed to reconsider, and start addressing my creative cravings. So I registered for a drawing class, started cello lessons at Peabody Conservatory, and began to cook! Quickly, cooking became one of my favorite activities. It’s one of the easiest hobbies to cultivate because you have to eat, right? Being rather obsessed with productivity, I couldn’t accuse myself of wasting time when I cooked– I was not only producing something to sustain myself, but letting my creativity churn. On top of that, as I become more interested in the relation of diet to health and wellbeing, and more informed about the politics of food (I studied Public Health), food and cooking became central to my life. So that’s how we got here. Actually, “here” is now Portland, OR, my new home as of September 2013. I’m a graduate student in Social Work now, at Portland State University, and I am thrilled to be back in school, and living in a city where fresh, sustainable, healthy food is revered.


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