Best homemade red curry

My best, that is. I don’t claim to have any real clue when it comes to making traditional curries. For years, though, I’ve attempted various versions of vegetables with curry, if you will. Recently, I devised a simple recipe for a homemade red curry that I actually had all of the ingredients to prepare, based on a combination of two recipes I found online. I made it, and I haven’t stopped making it since, rotating in different veggies and protein sources. Tonight’s version featured broccoli, lentils, and tofu. Last week it was kale, garbanzo beans, and lentils. There’s virtually no going wrong 🙂



2 cans coconut milk

1 Tbsp vegetable or coconut oil

2 Tbsp red curry paste

2 Tbsp fish sauce

1-2 Tbsp coconut sugar (or brown sugar)

1-2 Tbsp peanut butter

lime juice to taste

4 cups broccoli, chopped into florets and bite-sized stem pieces

1 cup red lentils

1/3 cup water (if needed)

1 package tofu, cooked

optional: garbanzo beans, cilantro, crushed peanuts



Heat the oil over low-medium heat in a large skillet or wok. Add the curry paste, stirring.

After it sizzles just a bit, pour in the coconut milk and stir until smooth.

When the mixture begins to simmer gently, add the sugar, lime juice, peanut butter, and fish sauce, and stir until everything is well combined.

Add the lentils and cover (I had to use foil because I don’t have a top for my “wok” (paella pan).

Stir occasionally, until lentils are tender, which doesn’t take long with red lentils–maybe 15 minutes. Then add the broccoli and the water, if needed, and re-cover.

Let the broccoli cook to your desired level of done-ness (I don’t like mine mushy, but whatever floats your boat).

When the broc is good to go, add the cooked tofu, and stir to mix everything up. (I had some leftover garbanzo beans I added at this step as well).

Plate and devour, topping with whatever fancy stuff you may have laying around, like cilantro or nuts.






Recipe inspiration from Pinch of Yum and Thai Kitchen.


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