How to take your simple vegan truffles to the next level

Simple is all well and good. But sometimes, the allure of a triple chocolate truffle (or 5) is undeniable. When you’re having one of those days, try this:

Follow the recipe for simple vegan truffles, and roll finished truffles in cocoa powder (this step is optional but it gets you from double to triple on the chocolate charts).

Then, follow my recipe for homemade chocolate. Except after you’ve mixed up the ingredients in a bowl, roll your cocoa-coated truffles in it, and then refrigerate. After 20 minutes or so, you’ll have triple chocolate homemade vegan truffles.


There are endless variations here. You could stir some nut butter into your chocolate for a nutty-chocolate coating, or you could go a cinnamon-y route, by first dusting your naked truffles in cinnamon and then rolling in chocolate. Options abound, and I’m willing to wager that they’re all delicious.




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