Scrambled duck eggs with pesto

This is quite possibly the most delicious super-fast meal I have ever concocted.


Seriously, the concentration of mouth-watering-ness per second is off the charts. That is, if you have pesto cubes in your freezer, like I do. If not, I suggest you remedy this STAT, as frozen pesto cubes are quite possibly my most exciting culinary event of the summer. (Just make a ton of pesto and spoon it into an ice tray, and stick in the freezer. Then you have pesto at the ready, which is incredibly convenient. For some pesto recipes, check out this Party in my Plants post). If you are prepared with your pesto, all you need are 2 other ingredients (plus salt & pepper).

IMG_0718I purchased my duck eggs at the Portland Farmers’ Market, and I imagine they are available at many farmers’ markets. If not, chicken eggs work too!

Ingredients (serves 1)

2 duck eggs, whisked in a bowl

1 small pat butter

1 cube pesto, or to taste

salt & pepper to taste


Heat the butter in a small skillet over medium heat (I use my mini cast iron)

Pour in the whisked eggs and whisk with fork or whisk until the eggs are cooked to your liking (the continuous whisking prevents sticking and keeps the eggs fluffy)

Scrape eggs into a bowl, and mix in pesto.

Season with S&P and enjoy!



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