Carrot ginger mini muffins with cashew cream frosting

Without fail, whenever friends’ and family members’ birthdays rolls around, I have an urge to bake/create something vegan, raw or otherwise interesting to me. Usually I have to check myself, because this urge is more about satisfying a selfish craving than celebrating someone else’s birthday. So it’s exciting when I can kill two birds with one stone–create something that excites me, and will also delight a friend. That’s what I had in mind when I baked these mini carrot ginger muffins. The recipe, from the Vegetarian Times, suggests a goat cheese frosting. While that indeed sounded enticing, I decided to make a cashew cream spread to top these hybrid cupcake muffins. The only substitutions I made to the cupcake recipe were chia instead of poppy seeds, and dark brown sugar instead of light brown (completely based on the contents of my pantry).



I used the cashew cream recipe from my first raw carrot cake endeavor, which is originally from This Rawsome Vegan Life, and it worked quite well with these treats.


I was not super adept with the pink frosting tube, but my sloppy penmanship didn’t take away from the flavor. I made two batches and left the second un-frosted, and the muffins are quite good on their own as well. I’ll be making these again.


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