Springy vegan tartlets

To say that “spring is in the air” is a terrific understatement. What has occurred outside over the past week is utterly staggering. I suppose spring is just like this in a climate with a year-round growing season, but it’s new to me and absolutely astonishing. Big, pink blooms that have fallen from the trees are carpeting the paths in the park, the sky is blue, the sun is shining (intermittently), it is tremendous. So these tartlets felt like the appropriate culinary response.


This might look familiar to you, because I’ve posted this recipe before. Last time, I made one large “pie.” This time around, I halved the recipe and opted to make 3 adorable little tartlets.

IMG_0226So delicious and seasonally-appropriate! Every time I make cashew cream, I fall in love all over again.

IMG_0225No, I did not eat 2/3 of this tartlet by myself. However, I absolutely would have if I hadn’t had a friend over!

See my post or the original recipe from This Rawsome Vegan Life.


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