Major miso soup

It was cold, and I wanted to be hot. Miso soup sounded like a logical next step. Having only ever made one miso soup recipe (Mark Bittman’s loaded miso soup), I wanted to branch out a bit and use what I had on hand.  I had this recipe bookmarked, from 101 Cookbooks, and there was nice agreement between the recipe and my fridge. Thus, I went for it.


And it was…so good! Who would have considered miso + tahini? Not I. Turns out, it’s a rockin’ combo. Seriously, this soup is simply and fast to make, and totally impressive.


Especially once you remember to add the toasted kale.


I know, this picture isn’t so pretty. But it’s a realistic reflection of my post-stir miso soup.

I took the liberty of topping the soup with pan fried tofu. Definitely a smart move. The product was incredibly hearty–not an adjective I typically associate with miso soup–but absolutely the case with this one.

PS: If you’re wondering why there’s been a pause in my postings recently–I just started back at school for 2nd term, and am scrambling to find time to post! Definitely still cooking, though. Hang in there with me!



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