Homemade peanut butter & commentary (not jelly)

Since I became the proud owner of a Vitamix, I have been itching to try my hand (read: Vitamix) at making my own nut butters! Over winter break, I seized my opportunity. All that entails is buying peanuts and pouring them into a Vitamix and pressing the button, but still, it felt like a big deal. That is, until I realized that I spent more money on the roasted, unsalted bulk organic peanuts than I typically spend on a large jar of organic peanut butter that is made of, yes, roasted peanuts. (Plus the jars from the store taste better).  So, what to do with my cute jar of peanut butter?

Is this technically peanut butter ‘n jelly?




Mix it into my homemade chocolates, of course. Most every night we’ve been noshing on freshly made salted chocolate peanut butter bark. The sum of two homemade novelties is greater than their parts!

Consensus: don’t waste your time on homemade peanut butter. If you do, live a little and add some salt.*

*A lot of people operate under the misconception that seasoning home cooked foods with table salt is bad, if they are watching their sodium. Actually, almost all the sodium in most people’s diets comes from processed foods. So if you’re cooking most of your meals at home, definitely pass the salt around. It makes so many whole, healthy foods exponentially more enjoyable. (Note: I  am not a doctor. Don’t feel like you have to take my word for it).


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