New research on effects of meat-heavy diet on our guts!

I’m fascinated by the emerging science about gut bacteria, also known as the microbiome. Everyone’s is different based on genetics, environment, diet, and other factors. But researchers are beginning to understand more about the role of diet and how changes in microbiome population affect our health, disease risk, and even behavior. Check out this new study, reported by NPR, for more information. Evidently, our gut bacteria change drastically based on how much meat we eat. Cheese too–so if you’re looking for another reason to be vegan, or vegan-ish, this could be it. (Why does cheese have to be so damn good? For the record, I’m not vegan. But I still try not to go crazy with the cheese. Thank goodness for cashew cream and nutritional yeast! Try the pot pie in the picture if you’re craving something creamy and cheesy. It’s amazing).

If you’re really intrigued, I recommend reading Michael Pollan’s book “Cooked.” It’s an engaging and informative read, and he discusses the current research about microbiome and health.

Also, NPR has more on the topic: (I blogged about this one here).


Another great article on the subject of microbiota and obesity from Kelly:


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