Healthy chocolate mousse cake with cashew cream

What happens when you “no-bake” a cake for your class, and then you’re too sick to go to class?

You get to eat the whole thing…


Lucky me! Because this cake is ridiculously good, and has just a tiny drop of honey as added sweetener. The rest of the sweetness comes from dates. (Loooove those dates).

The recipe is from, where else, This Rawsome Vegan Life.

I used buckwheat groats for the crust, and instead of raisins, which I didn’t have, I used more dates. In my case, the crust did not meld very well, and so the cake is very fragile. Thankfully, I don’t care what it looks like, as long as it tastes amazing. But if I were making this cake again, I would try oats or seeds for the crust, and stick to raisins. I’ve had better luck with those in the past.


The best thing about having the responsibility of eating this cake mostly on my own, is that it really is more like eating a snack than a dessert. The short-list of healthy, yummy ingredients is: avocado, dates, cashew cream and buckwheat–so its high in protein and nutrients. You can tell yourself that while you dig in!



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