Eggplant Parm Pizza with Homemade Crust

Pizza is my achilles heel, when it comes to cooking. Despite several wholehearted attempts, I have never crafted a pizza that I would proudly showcase. My last try, the veggie pizza I posted last summer, was delicious, but the crust wasn’t what I had hoped. This time, I attempted a crust recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I used a sauce recipe from there as well, but rather than make a margherita pizza (I didn’t have fresh basil)., I topped it with eggplant, parmesan cheese and dried basil. Although not classically beautiful, this pizza represents my best crust product so far.

IMG_1369The burned stuff around the edges of the pan is cornmeal. I used it, as suggested by Smitten Kitchen, to keep my dough from sticking to the baking sheet. I don’t have a pizza stone or a wooden paddle thing, so I do the best I can! Both of those things would probably help me produce a prettier pizza.

IMG_1368It may not be pretty, but it’s really good. I made two of these small pizzas, so there are plenty of leftovers!

You can follow the Smitten Kitchen easy crust recipe here. As suggested, I saved the strained off tomato juice to use in a bloody mary tonight!




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