World Food Day!

Today is World Food Day. And since I will be up in the air most of the day (flying home for a very special wedding!) I won’t be sharing any recipes. I would, however, like to direct your attention to a couple of insightful examinations of the global food system. First, from an oft-cited veteran of all things food and politics, Marion Nestle, comes brief but cogent push for political intervention to improve food systems.  

Next, a less brief, but extremely powerful lecture given by Olivier de Schutter, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He lectured the year after I graduated, so I didn’t have the privilege of attending. However, when I stumbled upon the video of his lecture a couple of weeks ago, I was enraptured.

From my point of view, I’d like to challenge everyone to think about their choices around food (or lack of choices) as a political phenomenon, and understand the ways in which we can advocate for change. The food system as it exists today did not originate in a vacuum– things are the way they are for myriad political and economic reasons– reasons which many of us find repugnant. Keeping these realities in mind will help us focus on creating more equitable food systems, on the local level and the global level. My last tidbit today is simply to mull over the term “the right to food.”  Access to nutritious food is an essential human right, and there are billions of people around the world and in our own neighborhoods and communities who are denied that right. That being said, here are some pics of my (new) fair city, from the OHSU tram and Sellwood Park.

view from the tram
view from the tram


Cronos trying to climb a tree

I’m off! St. Louis here I come!



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