The week(s!) in food

My naive expectations about graduate school, namely, that I’d still have plenty of time for recreational pursuits (semi-creative cooking, blogging, running, reading) have been smashed to smithereens! Not happening. At least not all of it. A little bit here and there, I think, will be the way forward. Hopefully you’ll bear with me, as my posts may become a little less frequent, and my food a little less intricate. Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been eating, in my furiously fast-paced first 3 weeks of grad school:

roasted broccoli with brown rice, avocado, walnuts, and feta
mixed green with roasted sweet potatoes and caramelized onions
roasted root veggies with quinoa and pepitas
broccoli with chickpeas, feta and arugula

Looking back, I see a theme: roasted veggies. ‘Tis the season! It’s cold in Portland– well– the good kind of cold. Nippy in the morning and at night, quite delightful during the day. I’m taking advantage of the dual role of the oven in my life–roaster and heater– as much as possible. Considering how hectic my schedule has been, I have to say, we’ve managed to eat well. Each of these are meals I would eat again (and in many cases, have eaten before). I will add some recipes ASAP, but much of this is recycle material. You can find similar recipes in archived posts.

Happy fall!


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