Date Tartlets!

I spent a considerable amount of time grieving over the loss of my tartlet tins when I couldn’t find them this past summer. I wanted to use them for my raw strawberry tart, but had to use a regular old pie pan instead. Then, inexplicably, my tartlet tins appeared (in the exact place I had been searching for them) right before my move. I was careful to unpack them and put them away in my new kitchen very consciously. So today, when I had time to make the amazing 5 ingredient no-bake date squares from Oh She Glows, I knew precisely where to find my tins.

My tartlets! The brown one has the date filling in it; the others are just crust.
Top crust on, post-refrigeration
Almost ready to eat.
There we go.

These are the best dessert/snack/breakfast bars I’ve ever had. And they are the easiest to make (although I think my crust is always a little on the crumbly side). I didn’t use Mejool dates this time around (too pricey), but the less fancy dates worked just as well. And yes, they do taste better as tartlets!


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