Roasted purple carrots and parsnips with rosemary

Get a load of these beauties!


I’m not talking about the carrots, not the favas. No offense, favas, but you’re not that gorgeous.

At first I thought I’d make my carrot soup with my pretty purple carrots, but then I remembered I had some parsnips and leeks, and we have a rosemary bush, so roasted veggies seemed like the thing. I looked back at my recipe for the roasted veggies from my dad’s wedding, and decided to go that route.


The best thing about a roasted vegetable platter is that it’s so easy to do. You have to invest a bit of peeling and chopping time, but after that, the magic happens without much effort. I still hadn’t bought a baking sheet (until today!) so I used an oven-safe bowl, which changes the result a little. But this is good any way you do it. Fresh rosemary is the best, but dried is fine too.

It’s in the 60s and drizzly here, so it’s definitely roasting season– yay!!

Can’t help myself– had to include this Paul Krugman op-ed as an addendum to the post.  He offers a clear and cogent report of how the definition of “freedom” has been co-opted and repugnantly repurposed by certain conservative ideologues, and what it means for hungry families.


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