Now blogging from Portland!

I can explain the recent lull in posts…I moved across the country! My new kitchen is in Portland, OR, and I’m very pleased to confirm something that most everyone already knows to be true, which is that the food scene here is amazing. I explored three different farmers’ markets in 5 days, as well as my neighborhood grocery store, which is a gem.

Our apartment is now fully functioning, including the kitchen. Here is what I have been up to:


Sellwood Farmers’ Market


A skillet was basically all I had until the furniture and boxes were delivered, so I leaned heavily on stir fries. I picked up a jar of asian plum sauce from my grocery store to add a little something different to my creations. I’ve only been using a half teaspoon or so at a time, just for a hint of flavor. The two dishes pictured have essentially the same sauce– I’ll provide the recipe further down the post.

Perhaps not thrilling to all, but nothing less than a miracle to me, is the quality of the garlic here. I don’t know what it is, but the garlic is extraordinary. I knew the green onions would be better, because there was only one direction to go in that department, but I had no idea I wasn’t using great garlic in St. Louis. It’s a mystery to me as to why there is  such a difference, but the improvement to the aroma and flavor of my stir fries here, using this wonderful garlic, has been tremendous.

The structure for the sauces for my recent stir fries looks like this:

Ingredients (for a stir fry for 2 hungry people)

canola oil- about a 1/2 Tbsp

braggs aminos- a few generous squirts

rice vinegar- a swirl or two over the skillet

lemon juice- a good squeeze

cilantro- 1/4 to 1/2 cup, chopped

garlic- 2 large heads, minced

green onions- 3, including white and green portions

sesame oil- a swirl on the finished product

sriracha sauce- to taste

plum sauce- tsp or so


Start by heating a skillet over medium heat

Add the canola oil and spread it around the skillet

Add the garlic and green onions, stirring

Add the sriracha and mix in with the garlic and onions

After a few minutes, add the vegetables that take longest to cook (for instance, broccoli. Reserve the veggies that take less time or that you prefer firmer)

Add the rice vinegar, braggs, plum sauce and lemon juice and stir everything together

Based on what veggies you’re using, add more/the rest

Cook until everything is to your preferred done-ness

Turn off burner

Add sesame oil and cilantro and stir

You can find detailed recipes for stir fries, including vegetables, tofu, and noodles or rice, in previous posts.


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