Slow-cooked Kamut with sun-dried tomato and arugula, risotto style

Kamut had had me stumped, until I thought to slow-cook it, almost like dried beans. My prior attempts to achieve a cooked Kamut that was soft enough to enjoy on the stove-top all fell short– it was always too crunchy. When I rinsed it and put it in my crock pot with plenty of liquid, four hours later, I was treated to a creamy, risotto-like textured result.

(By the way, Kamut is the brand-name for an ancient variety of wheat called Khorasan, which contains markedly more protein than the more common strains of wheat available in the market. I had been pronouncing it “kamut,” until I friend with knowledge of such things enlightened me. Evidently, the correct pronunciation is “kamoot.”)

Once I had my slow-cooked, creamy Kamut, I sauteed some onion in olive oil, added chopped up sun-dried tomatoes, and then ladled in the kamut. To keep it from drying out, I added a little veggie broth (and some pepper) and let the concoction get super creamy. When everything was cooked and melded to my satisfaction, I tossed in some arugula. After a quick stir, we were ready to eat!




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