Bean salad with cucumber, avocado, and feta

I’ve always preferred cooking my own beans to using canned, but for no good reason at all, I have always bought canned garbanzo beans. Not anymore. I’ve started buying dried and I’m never going back. I think of all the types of beans I eat regularly, the starkest contrast between canned and dried is in the garbanzos. So if you’re on the verge…I encourage you to go dried. Slow cookers make cooking your own beans soooooo easy. I find that 6 hours is the perfect setting. Just make sure you have enough water (at least an inch above bean level). And make sure to season. (I use whole, raw garlic cloves and salt and pepper as a base seasoning for all my beans).

To enjoy with my freshly cooked chickpea-beauties, I sauteed some broccoli florets and green onion. Stirred in the beans. Seasoned with lemon juice, rice vinegar, olive oil, and S&P. Tossed with cucumber, avocado, and feta. The result was spectacular, despite (or maybe because of) its simplicity.

IMG_0910Ingredients (determine ration based on your preferences)

freshly cooked chickpeas/garbanzo beans

broccoli florets

2 green onions

olive oil

rice vinegar


1/2 avocado

1 inch cucumber, cubed

feta (or not, to make it vegan)


rinse dried beans, pour into slow cooker, cover with at least 1 inch water, season with S&P, garlic, and cook, covered, 6 hours

when beans are cooked…

saute broccoli florets in olive oil

add green onions when broc is almost finished cooking (you don’t want mush)

stir in chickpeas

splash of rice vinegar (or more to taste)

big squeeze of a juicy lemon (or more to taste– I always go with more lemon)

stir and remove from heat

adorn with cucumber, avo, and feta. more S&P please, a maybe a drizzle of olive oil.



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