New to me semi-vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe, plus an old favorite

I started and promptly stopped my search for a great semi-vegan cookie recipe with these trail mix cookies from Never Homemaker ( These cookies are so good, and double as a pre- or post-run snack, so I never looked anywhere else for another cookie recipe. I call them semi-vegan, because I usually use regular chocolate chips, unless I have the good kind of carob chips handy. (I can’t stand the ones from Whole Foods– I get mine at an independent natural foods store).

When I saw this recipe from Healthy Happy Life,, I decided it was time to break away from my beloved trail mix cookies and try something new.


You can see the ground flax, pumpkin, and chia seeds in the cookies

While they won’t replace the trail mix cookies in my kitchen any time soon, I really like the texture and the simplicity of these cookies. I hadn’t used oat flour before (which simply entails processing some oats in a food processor), or ground seeds (same idea) in my cookies before, and I think I’ll borrow those techniques to enhance the trail mix recipe next time I bake.


I forgot to mention that I added a crucial extra step to this recipe– sprinkle the dough balls with sea salt before baking. Or, if you remember too late like I did, smush sea salt into the freshly baked cookies. This makes an ENORMOUS difference that cannot be overstated. Also, do keep the cookies refrigerated. They hold up better and the texture is improved.


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