Comfort food for a lingering winter

Spring is experiencing a delayed-onset here, and thus, I continue to feel compelled to eat like it is still winter. It might as well be, considering the immense amount of snow that fell today! I took this pic in the morning, so it is not representative of the quantity of snow that is now blanketing St. Louis. (I’m less than thrilled).


Anyway, I finally busted out my slow-cooker (talk abut delayed-onset!) and today I slow-cooked some white beans, without even soaking them first. They probably cooked for 7 hours on the 6-hour heat setting, with just broth, garlic, herbs de provence, salt and pepper. Delicious.


I had a bunch of kale and a huge leek I wanted to use up, as well as some celery that was starting to go limp, so I sauteed all that with some garlic and carrot, and then added a bit of tomato paste dissolved in water. Once the kale was cooked, I threw in a bunch of the beans and stuck the pot into the oven to let everything meld. I cooked the “stew” if that’s what we want to call it, for about 30 minutes on 250, and then doused it with breadcrumbs before placing it back in the oven, uncovered, for 15 more minutes. I stirred in a bit more salt and pepper and a little bit of dried thyme before serving.

I knew that doing this, even haphazardly, would result in a delicious meal because I’ve made this before:

My way is a tiny bit easier, but the end result is a little different. Regardless, you’ll come out with something delightful!


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