Two new cashew cream recipes: Recipe 1

Since becoming obsessed with cashew cream, I had to get acquainted with the myriad ways to use it. I shopped around on the vegan blogs I love, like OhSheGlows, and found this one, for what Angela calls a Buddha Bowl. (Angela’s recipe here:

The recipe is really user-friendly; only a handful of ingredients (I even used one less than Angela– I omitted the cauliflower because I didn’t have any), and is seasoned only with salt and pepper (I added a few tablespoons of lemon juice to my huge Buddha bowl too).
IMG_0695All you need is broccoli and/or cauliflower, chickpeas, cashew cream, oil, a grain of your choice (I used bulgur), and salt & pepper.

The combo is earthy and comforting and delicious.


One thought on “Two new cashew cream recipes: Recipe 1

  1. Just got on the cashew cream train and loved the outcome of my buddah bowl. Followed the oh she glows recipe too, but nixed the nutritional yeast and added fresh basil, absolutely delish!


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