Tomato-Lentil-Cabbage Stew

It’s delightful when you see a recipe you want to make, and you happen to have all the necessary ingredients (or tolerable substitutes) on hand. With only a few tweaks, I made this more-than-tomato stew on Saturday for a quick, delicious and filling meal before going out to hear some music.

The recipe is from Happy, Healthy Life:

In retrospect, it’s surprising that I decided to make this stew, considering that I didn’t have rice or kale. Somehow, though, that didn’t render the recipe un-doable. I substituted lentils for the rice, and used savoy cabbage for the kale. Having been on a nutritional yeast kick, finally (I purchased the yeast months ago…) I proudly and enthusiastically added it to the stew. The result was a  trifecta of fast-easy-healthy. The problem was, however, that everyone thought so, and therefore, there were no leftovers. Sadly, that’s a hallmark of a successful recipe!



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