Having never attempted to make my own pizza dough, I was doubly dismayed when preparing to begin, I discovered:  1) my yeast was over a year expired; and 2) I could not, despite a diligent investigation on youtube and google, understand one of the directions in the recipe I decided to follow. (A decision that was clearly made before I actually read through the whole recipe…that’s something I’m working on).

I needed this pizza for a finger food-themed supper club, so I decided to press on and see how the dough turned out, despite the hurdles. I ended up with two pizza crusts, the first experimental and the second, having learned a little from the first,  for the dinner party.


I’m still mystified as to what a ball of dough “pinched at top and rounded at bottom” means, but my dough-balls came out alright anyway, so I decided not to sweat it. Here’s the recipe I used, for a whole wheat pizza crust:

I couldn’t get my food processor to work (this really wasn’t my day in the kitchen) so I did the kneading by hand. I was triumphant with my new bamboo rolling pin, however, which was a holiday gift I was eager to use. (Works so much better than a wine bottle!!)

The tomato sauce was a no-brainer. I went with the one that I use for lasagna, so check out that blog post for the very easy, incredibly delicious recipe.

For toppings, I went with mozzarella balls, cremini mushrooms, zucchini and fresh basil. I also sprinkled some dried oregano. The outcome was terrific, if I do say so myself.

I’m eager to try this again, with the aid of my food processor and a new set of toppings. All in all, a pretty easy and very tasty homemade pizza!


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