Homemade Carob Candies

UPDATE: A very exciting purchase was made since writing this post. I bought a snowflake cookie pan so I could make my carob candies just a little bit prettier. They’re still not perfect, but since they taste awesome, and I’m taking steps in the right direction, I’m not too worried. We’ll get there by the holidays (yes, I plan to distribute these as gifts…)

It’s unfathomable that I didn’t know about carob until a few weeks ago. Are any of you already carob lovers?

What I’ve found out is that carob was wildly popular among the hippie-moms of the 70s. So definitely seems appropriate that I’ve become obsessed. Anyway, carob tastes a lot like chocolate but isn’t as fattening, and contains no caffeine or dairy. The information I’ve gleaned from the internet seems to indicate that a 2 tbsp serving of carob chips contains about 80 calories. These candies are made from a little bit less than one serving of melted carob chips.

First, buy some carob chips. I buy mine in bulk at a local health food store.

Measure out the number of servings of carob chips you want to melt. (I need about 1.5 tbps per candy)

Fill a small pot with less than an inch of water and set a heat-proof bowl inside the pot. Bring the water to a gentle boil.

Put the carob chips in the bowl and stir, letting them melt.

When melted, spoon melted carob into a mini muffin pan or other mold.

Press peanuts, almonds, and/or fruit or nut of your choice into the carob and let harden in refrigerator.

Candies harden in less than an hour. I would suggest taking them out of the fridge 5-10 minutes before consuming, because the carob is hard to bite into when it’s very cold.

I just bought an awesome snowflake cookie mold, so in the near future, I’ll be producing snowflake shaped carob candies. I can’t describe how excited this makes me! I’ve been looking for a substitute for peanut M&Ms for a very long time…I think I’ve finally found it.


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