No more MSG for me!

Finally, a winning homemade Bloody Mary.

I took me only 8 weeks or so to assemble the ingredients I needed to make a Bloody Mary that could rival my beloved Zing Zang, minus the poison. Did you guys know that standard Bloody Mary mix is one of the last main-stream bastions of MSG?

First of all, let’s recognize this tragedy for what it is. Zing Zang to me is like nectar to the gods. It’s like a cold Fransiskaner beer at the local pizza parlor in Passau, Germany, with a hint of widow’s peak in the air. (This one is for you, Erica and Emma!) When I realized I had been downing my weight in MSG on a regular basis, I knew I had to make a change. My first attempt was abominable. I did a little research, and with the right tools, assembled painstakingly, I can make a non-toxic, delectable Bloody Mary, and so can you.

You need:

1. tomato or vegetable juice (I bought veg juice from TJ’s and I think it’s just OK)

2. celery seed 1/4 tsp-ish

3. worcester sauce 1 tsp  (look for a vegetarian brand– the regular stuff has cow’s hooves or something else equally objectionable in it)

4. olive brine 1/2 tsp (or a jar of green olives)

5. salt and pepper to taste

6. celery

7. vodka

8. hot sauce to taste

9. lime juice to taste

It’s  a lot, I know. Now you can understand why it took me a while to stock my pantry.

With everything in place, the process is quick:

Combine everything.



Photos are on the way. I drank mine too fast.


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