In honor of the NLCS

On my way to work this morning, I heard a report on St. Louis Public Radio that the mayors of the NLCS teams have entered into a friendly wager– the mayor of the losing city will provision the triumphant with an array of regional delicacies. In the event of a Cardinal loss, Slay will be airmaling St. Louis BBQ, toasted ravioli, and a case of local beer to SF. I am happy to abstain from toasted ravioli– I’ve never understood its appeal. However, the BBQ and the beer are a different story…

I’ve had a jar of BBQ sauce in my pantry for months– a treat from Maude’s that I’d made no special effort to use and thus has sat, undisturbed behind cans of tomatoes and beans. Having remembered to thaw a package of tofu, I thought tonight could be the night, in the hopes of encouraging a Cardinal victory, for some BBQ tofu. (I know that makes no sense, considering the BBQ will be sent in the event of  defeat, but it seemed like a good idea at the time).

Maude’s set me up with a beautiful eggplant, as well as a nice looking green pepper, so I went to work on a vegetarian version of sweet and sour pork, or something to that affect. Turns out, it was a culinary victory.

BBQ Tofu with Eggplant and Pepper

Slice tofu and marinade in BBQ sauce (the longer the better)

Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Prepare the eggplant and tofu for baking:

Dice a large eggplant and toss lightly with olive oil, salt & pepper

Spread eggplant over two baking sheets (on foil, if you want)

Place tofu on baking sheet or in shallow dish

Put eggplant and tofu in the oven

Roast eggplant for 15 minutes or until tender

Bake tofu until edges begin to brown and crisp up (20-30 minutes)

I had trouble getting my tofu to crisp up, but I attribute this to the fact that it was frozen, so you may have no such challenge!

With the eggplant and tofu in the oven…

Saute diced onion and green pepper in a little bit of oil

Boil water for soba noodles

Cook noodles according to package

When the eggplant is tender, remove from oven.

I roasted my eggplant ahead of time, so it cooled before the peppers and onions were cooked. If you are working with cool eggplant, add it to the skillet with the onions and peppers to heat up. I added my tofu too, to get it to firm up a bit.

When all your ingredients are prepared, toss the eggplant/tofu/onion & pepper mixture with the soba noodles

Serve with lime wedges and extra BBQ sauce.


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