Indian-Thai Extravaganza

Having picked up a hefty cauliflower the other day, I decided to make a Indian-ish dish, while incorporating some Thai elements as well (read: I had leftover coconut milk and last time I let it go bad…wasn’t going to repeat my mistake!)

Never Home Maker’s Thai vegetable korma recipe offered a helpful template:

I referenced the ingredient list from this recipe, but not really the amounts. Also, I strayed from chickpeas (have been OD-ing on hummus recently) and used some lentils I cooked over the weekend and stashed. Lastly, I added tofu to make it extra hardy. (I fried the tofu in my usual way, which you can find in a previous post).

Essentially, this is what went into the pan and how:




green pepper

-add, stirring-



garam masala

cayenne pepper


-a few minutes later, add-


vegetable broth (as much as you want to reach desired soupy-ness)

-add, after about 10 minutes-

lentils (pre-cooked)

1/2 can of coconut with a spoonful of peanut butter whisked in

-simmer for as long as you like/cauliflower is tender-

I seasoned with a small amount of Bragg’s aminos and some sriracha (surprise, surprise).

Perhaps not the most elegant looking dish I’ve created, but it made up in flavor what it lacked in looks. I thoroughly enjoyed the leftovers for lunch today too.


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