Vegan Vodka Sauce

Having been ignorant of the existence of vodka sauce until college, our short relationship reached a critical juncture just a few days ago. I did not know that vodka was actually an ingredient in vodka sauce until I happened upon this recipe! The crucial take-away of this revelation does not concern the ingredient list, but its presentation of an opportunity for me to use of on my favorite, and seldom employable words: eponymous. Vodka is a key ingredient in its eponymous sauce!

With that said, the sauce came out really nicely. With a fairly short, mundane ingredient list and a quick cook time, this is a great recipe to have on hand when you crave a creamy tomato sauce, sans guilt. I used this recipe from Never Home Maker:, with a couple of minor adjustments. Instead of canned, I used homemade cannellini beans that I had seasoned with garlic and thyme. Also, I did not use fenugreek. I had none, and in researching potential substitutes, I became confused about whether the recipe was calling for seeds or leaves, which would have required drastically different substitutes, so I decided to ignore this, and proceed undaunted. I did, however, use extra paprika, and the sauce needed quite a bit more salt than I anticipated. Just make sure to taste and alter as necessary.

Pour liberally atop pasta, top with grated parm if you’re not a true vegan, and enjoy!


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