Love affair with lentils

Lately we can’t get enough. This meal is just one of many anchored by lentils that we’ve enjoyed recently. Cauliflower is another favorite, and I’ve begun to buy it frozen so I always have some on hand. The two came together beautifully in this almost one-pot dinner. (I did cook the tofu separately, and the lentils I had pre-cooked).

For the lentils, I do about 1:1.75 lentil to broth ratio. I also add a dash of salt, tumeric, and curry powder to give them some extra flavor. They take about 30 minutes or so to cook.

I’ve covered my tofu cooking methods, so I’ll skip that part.

For the vegetables, start by sauteing diced onion and garlic in oil. I used red onion this time.

Spice wise, I went with more tumeric, in addition to cumin, corriander, and a bit of cayenne.

Right off the bat, I threw in some diced sweet potato…

Followed by a can of diced tomatoes. I let this mixture simmer until the potatoes were tender

Then I added a can of garbanzo beans to the mix, as well as the frozen cauliflower florets.

For a liquid/flavor influx, I added a small amount of “Emma-sauce” (braggs, rice vinegar, chopped cilantro, and lemon juice)

Once everything in the pan was hot and fully cooked, I turned off the stove, tossed in some spinach, and let it wilt.

Finally, I mixed in the lentils and tofu, and voila! We dined.


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