Every day that this “cold front” we are enjoying continues, I become slightly more brazen when it comes to the oven. Sunday evening brought temperatures in the 60s, so I made the bold decision to bake cookies. I’ve had the ingredients for my favorite trail mix cookies (original recipe courtesy of never homemaker: for months, but have had to let them sit on the shelf due to the heat.

These cookies are nice because you can make them as small as you want, and use whatever “trail mix” ingredients you like. If you want them to be healthier, you can omit the chocolate chips. However, I would never do that…

I like to think of these cookies as pseudo-granola bars. They probably have less sugar/sweetening in them than the kind you can buy at the grocery store, especially if you go light on the chocolate chips. They’re much tastier than granola bars, however, because they are moist and chewy.

Using the same amounts/method as the never home maker recipes, I used chopped dried apricots (instead of cranberries) & chopped pecans (instead of walnuts). Otherwise, I follow the recipe as closely as possible. Last night, I didn’t have the coconut flakes, but the cookies taste amazing, so obviously it doesn’t matter!

UPDATE: We blazed through these cookies in a matter of days, and since we both so enjoy a little something sweet, I decided to make another batch on Wednesday night. This time, however, I wanted to experiment with cutting down the sugar, and actually making them a little more akin to granola bars. So I used half the sugar that is called for in the recipe, and about half the earthbalance too, just because I ran out. From now on, I’m probably going to make them according to these rules. They take about twice the time to bake, so keep that in mind. I shaped them into balls about 1” diameter, and they actually held their shape, which was nice. They are drier and more granola-bar like, but still awesome. Perfect with a cup of coffee.


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