Bruschetta and Maude’s Market

I’ve made this bruschetta twice now this summer. It is superb. The first batch was made with all heirloom/local tomatoes, and the second with half heirloom, half pearl tomatoes from Trader Joe’s (grown in California, not Florida– more on that later). I also used a white onion the second time I made it because I didn’t have a red. Delicious despite said substitution.

I ate it on toasted slices of a Companion baguette the first time, and on toasted Bosnian flat bread (pictured) the second. The breads were both from Maude’s (the market that coordinates my CSA, see below).

The recipe is here:

I’ve been a CSA subscriber at Maude’s Market ( since winter. The winter share was impressive, despite the obvious seasonal challenges, and the shares have only improved in the seasons since! The summer has been phenomenal. Anyone who wants to incorporate more local produce into his or her diet should check out Maude’s. It’s especially awesome because you don’t just get overloaded with produce (not that I’d mind). You get a dry good every week, a specialty item, a meat item if you so choose, etc. Maude’s has introduced me to some new favorites (like MoFu and duck eggs), but they also provide pantry items, like rice and beans. The variety is excellent and the price is completely reasonable. The CSA items I’ve received from Maude’s have encouraged me to experiment with new foods– whenever I get stuck in a recipe-rut, I get something exciting in my share and it inspires me to be creative.


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