Welcome to The Vegequarian Times

This blog, while (possibly) new to you, has existed in my head since around 2008. It has taken on several imaginary identities over time, and I’m excited that one of them has finally broken into reality. My plan is to write about and post photos of what I’m cooking on a weekly basis. Pretty simple. Other information may find it’s way into my posts, but they will mainly cover food and food-related issues.

As my friends know, my diet is almost exclusively vegetarian. I eat fish occasionally, and meat maybe twice a year, if an irresistible opportunity presents itself. My friend Erica, whose foray into veganism early in college significantly shaped my own ideas about food (which will be expounded upon in time) nicknamed the way we eat “Mermaid” and “Vegaquarian.” That is, mostly vegetarian, with some fish. I don’t prepare much seafood at home (we go out for sushi on occasion), so what you’ll find here is mostly vegetables and grains. So cheers to Erica for being the inspiration for my blog title!

Don’t worry– I cook for two very hungry, active people, so my food is filling and produced in prodigious quantities. (We like leftovers). So anyone who is skeptical about vegetarian food’s power to satiate shouldn’t worry.

Furthermore, I don’t get home until quarter of 8 most weeknights, so I end up making meals that don’t require significant cooking time. And my kitchen is really hot in the summer (especially this summer), so we have outlawed oven-use. Thus, expect recipes (at least for the remainder of the hot weather) that can be thrown together quickly and cooked on the stove! Easy, healthy, fast, vegaquarian!


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